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Play football for money every day play faster, more value, more secure from our website

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First of all, we go to understand each other first. Football in Thailand Have been played since

“King Rama V” Rama 5 of the Rattanakosin Due to the reign of King Rama 5, he sent the goddess Son King Lan Ya And courtiers went to study in various fields In england And the first person who brought football back to Thailand

“Chao Phraya Thamsakmontri (Sanan Thepsahastin Na Ayuthaya)” or where the Thai people often call the short name “Khru Thep”,

in which he has composed sports music that is truly true of sportsmanship.

It is believed that the music performed by the god

teachers is to be “Amata Song” and must remain with Thai fans.

Just the history, it makes the taste buds in online football act.

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