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Online because these words, if we understand Will greatly affect our knowledge The more knowledgeable a wise person is The more good for you

1 goal means that if the next team wins by 1 goal, for example Liverpool win Hull 2-1, they will not lose, but if Liverpool win by 2 or more goals will get full

1 half race, meaning that if one team wins by 1 ball, the person who plays will have to pay half of the money. The player must win 2 or more balls to get full money. As for the losing or draw results, it will lose money like the above.

1 half ball, if 1 team wins by 1 goal, must pay full money. Must win 2 or more goals to get money. Draw or lose Same as above

1 half ball joint 2, similar to the above But if the next team wins by 2 goals, they will receive half of their money. They must win 3 goals to get full money

A tie, half or a half is the team that will continue to lose half. But if any team wins, those who bet on that team will get money

Half if the result is a draw The next team will lose. Which team wins will receive the same money as the first one.

Half of a ball is if the next team wins by 1 ball, for example, Manchester United beat West Ham 1-0,2-1,3-2 is won by 1 ball.

2 goals: the next team must win 3 or more goals to get the full amount Otherwise it will lose But do not lose if winning 2 goals

2 half-blood, which means that the next player will receive full money when the next team wins 3 or more. If winning 2 balls will receive half the money.

2 Half-time, that is, the next team must win 3 goals

2 half balls merge, 3 is that players will get full money when the next team wins 4 goals, but if winning 3 goals will receive only half the money.

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